Destiny 2: Dual Destiny Walkthrough (2024)

One of the biggest new additions to Destiny 2 is the Exotic class item, which players can obtain by completing a special Exotic mission called Dual Destiny. It can be a bit difficult to start this mission, as the method isn't exactly obvious, and it's a unique activity that requires a ton of teamwork and communication. Only two players can jump in at a time, so it's recommended to grab a trusted friend or clanmate or find a fellow guardian through Bungie's Fireteam Finder.


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How To Unlock Dual Destiny

Complete Three Level 3 Overthrows And Kill Savathun's Envoys

Destiny 2: Dual Destiny Walkthrough (2)

Players need to complete three Level 3 Overthrows in the Pale Heart before Dual Destiny becomes available, one in each landing area—one in the Impasse, one in the Blooming, and one in the Landing. Do not leave the area after Overthrow is complete.

Each time, after defeating the final boss of Overthrow, a message on the left side of the screen will appear: "A Secret-Keeper of the Witch Queen is near..." A secret Wizard enemy will have spawned in the area. Look for it, and kill it.

Destiny 2: Dual Destiny Walkthrough (3)

Once all three Wizards from all three locations are dead, a large green beam will appear in the sky, which leads players into the Refraction area between the Landing and the Blooming.

In the Refraction, enter the blue crystal cave at the very back to find a statue resembling Savathun. A new buff will appear with a timer on the left side: Savathun's envoy.

These two envoys will also be marked on the map and can be found beneath floating Pyramid structures where enemies spawn. Kill all the enemies, until a boss arrives. Upon its death, it will drop a ball of either Light or Dark that must be banked at the correct energy spot in the blue crystal cave. A marker will appear to tell players the correct dunking spot.

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Now you can launch the mission from a flag that spawns directly next to Savathun's statue.

How To Complete The Dual Destiny Exotic Mission

Open The Two Doors In Refraction

As you launch in, one player will spawn with the Light Aligned buff, and the other with the Darkness Aligned buff. These are subclass-dependent, but if both players are on Prismatic, the buffs are seemingly random. These buffs will allow players to see and do different things. The first mechanic is introduced from the get-go: Darkness Aligned players can only step on the orange plate, and Light Aligned players must step on the white plate. This lets you open doors and solve puzzles throughout the mission together. Step on the matching plates to open the first block doorway to head in.

Make your way together through the Refraction patrol area and kill enemies, until you reach the high ground at the end with another sealed doorway. Once again, players will need to step on their respective plates to open the path forward.

The Darkness plate is on the left, the Light plate is on the right. Make sure to be on them at the same time. Also take note of the timer in this mission, which will be updated as you go on, but will put a strain on you if you take too long. Proceed into the now opened up area, and up into a little crystal cavern where a Taken knight spawns in. Kill him and the rest of the enemies, and walk in. Inside you'll find a rally flag spot for the first encounter of the mission.


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Find Balance 1: Symbols

A Light and Dark plate will spawn again. Stand on your respective plate to start the encounter, which will spawn up enemies. Get rid of them to spawn two mini-bosses: a Dark enemy that's slightly orange and a Light enemy with white wisps around it. You need to kill your corresponding enemy, which will drop either a Mote of Light for the Light Aligned player, or a Mote of Darkness for the Darkness Aligned player.

One player will see symbols appear on a pedestal in front of them each time they kill a miniboss, while another will see symbols floating around that they can shoot, which will multiply with each killed miniboss. The player who sees the symbols on pedestals must call them out to their partner, in the order they appear, which is the order in which the second player must shoot their floating symbols (so from left to right).


  • The Light player kills their miniboss and sees the Snake symbol appear.
  • The Light player kills their second miniboss and sees the Witness symbol appear.
  • The Darkness player shoots Snake first, then Witness.

Once successful, you will be teleported to a bigger arena where the mechanic remains essentially the same. Now, however, instead of two symbols, one player must shoot three, while the other communicates the three symbols in the correct order. Make sure to kill three bosses and pick up the motes for both Light and Darkness to unlock all symbols. Once more, shoot them in the correct order they appear in. For the player reading the symbol order, the pedestals are found on the round balcony with a ramp leading up to where enemies spawn.

The third phase is an even bigger arena, with four symbols to decipher. One of the platforms will have the pedestals where symbols appear at the back, for the player reading them. Once again, take note of the order the symbols appear (always left to right on the pedestals), and have the other player shoot the correct ones in the right order. That concludes the encounter.

First Jumping Puzzle

Destiny 2: Dual Destiny Walkthrough (7)

You will be teleported again. Proceed in, through a fairly straightforward jumping puzzle. Players will be moving together until they reach two Taken Phalanxes guarding Light and Darkness plates. Here, step on your respective plates again to activate platforms for the jumping section ahead. There will be more plates on each side, so players will have to split up left or right depending on their alignment to open the way forward. Towards the middle and the end, the sides will be switched, so keep an eye out for your plate on the opposite side.

At the end of the puzzle, open the door by again standing on the correct plates. Keep moving past the big doorway until you arrive at the next rally flag spot.

Find Balance 2: The Clock Face

In this encounter, more communication will be needed, as one player will see something the other cannot. At the end of the room, a clock-face contraption will spawn with beams reaching out to buttons that can be activated by shooting.


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A Tormentor will spawn in. The person who gets the final blow on the Tormentor will receive a buff called Harmonic Sundering, which lets them shoot the buttons on the clock face, but they must only shoot the buttons that match up with the ones they can see, and that the other player will also see. Between two players, three buttons will be identical, and players must figure out which ones those are so the person with the buff can activate them.


  • The first player can see buttons 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, and 8.
  • The second player can see buttons 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9.
  • Therefore, the player with Harmonic Sundering will shoot buttons 2, 6, and 7.

Keep in mind that this encounter is on a timer and that the buff is also on a timer, so players will need to be somewhat fast. The process is repeated three times until the encounter is completed.

Second Jumping Puzzle

Destiny 2: Dual Destiny Walkthrough (9)

This jumping puzzle is significantly simpler than the first. Get on the respective plates to activate the rings that send players flying to the next island. Initially, players will have to separate, kill enemies on their floating islands, and then proceed to the next one by standing on their plates. On the final island you'll be together again, and after defeating the two Tormentors that spawn in, get on the plates to activate the final ring that takes you to the last encounter of the mission.

Mastery of Balance

The final boss is a dual fight against two Subjugators, which combines mechanics from the entire mission. Initially, only one Subjugator at a time will jump in and is damageable. Eventually, a white shield will appear, and two minibosses spawn on pedestals on his left and right. One will be Darkness Aligned, and one will be Light Aligned, so make sure to kill your respective enemy.

One player will see three symbols spawn from top to bottom. The other will have to shoot those symbols in that order, from top to bottom. Once all symbols are shot, the Subjugator will lose his shield and can be damaged again. When the Subjugator reaches his last health-gated bar, he will teleport away inside an immune shield, and the second Subjugator will jump in. Repeat the exact same process here as before, until only the last of his health remains.

To get rid of the giant orange shields that both bosses are hiding behind, once again, the Light and Dark minibosses must be killed. Once you have killed your respective one, it's time for the clock-face mechanic.

Destiny 2: Dual Destiny Walkthrough (10)

Both players need to be on one side of the arena and facing their clock faces to do the reading. This time, however, the combination will change every so often, so the callouts must be done fast, and only one button per combination needs to be shot. Call out the one you have in common out of the four buttons, and shoot it together on your respective clock faces before the combination of beams changes again. This must be done three times to bring down the barrier for both bosses and then finish them.

Claim Your Reward

Destiny 2: Dual Destiny Walkthrough (11)

Head to the back to claim your reward, which is the Exotic class item. But there's a catch. Interacting with the pedestals will instead teleport you both inside respective shielded prisons, where you must choose between: Prepare for Battle and Choose Peace. Prepare for Battle will engage PVP between the two players. Choose Peace will skip the dueling part of the mission. Both players must choose Peace for PVP not to be engaged.

Destiny 2: Dual Destiny Walkthrough (12)
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August 28, 2017
Destiny 2: Dual Destiny Walkthrough (2024)
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