Dickson County Jail Inmate Search | Roster | Lookup (2024)

Based in Charlotte, Tennessee, the Dickson County Jailis a facility that is built to hold criminals of minor misdemeanor and small offenses.Moreover, in case the sentence of an individual is to last less than a year, the individualmay also be held at the facility for an extended period of time.

Finding an inmate at the Dickson County Jail

The website of Dickson County Jail offers an online roster for the list of inmates being held in the facility.This list is public, and hence, it can be accessed by anyone.

Using the lookup tool, you may simply enter the first and last name of an inmate along with his/her date of birth,in order to find details. Moreover, you may also search for a person using his/her ICE number, FBI number,state issued ID number, country ID number, booking number, and permanent number.

After completing a successful search, you will be able to find information regarding that person that includestheir aliases, height, date of birth, name, and their charges.

How to send a mail/care package to an inmate?

The Dickson County Jail facility allows the visitors to receive mails.These mails however, are delivered only from Monday to Friday. Hence, weekend mails willbe delivered on the following work day.

In order to receive the mail, the inmates will have to show their jail identification armband.Moreover, all the regular mail is opened by the prison staff in order to ensure that no contraband ormoney is being delivered to the inmate. However, mails that come from legal counsels will onlybe opened in front of the inmate.

The following address can be used by the inmates to receive mail:

  • (Inmate’s Name & Jail ID)
  • Cell Housing Number
  • Dickson County Jail
  • 146 County Jail Drive PO Box 177, Charlotte, TN, 37036

In case you are delivering a package to an inmate, ensure that it includes a return address.

How to send money to an inmate?

The Dickson County Jail allows visitors to receive money to use for commissary.However, it is important to make use of the United States Postal Service. Moreover,do note that senders can make use of regular money orders, government checks,and postal prepare money orders only. On the other hand, credit card numbers, payroll checks,cash, and personal checks cannot be used.

The entire amount that is sent to an inmate is payable to the Commissary at the Dickson County Jail.Hence, a sender will have to include the full name of an inmate along with his/her date of birth, gallery number,and cell unit on the money order. If all of this information is not mentioned, the item will be returned to thesender automatically.

In order to send a money order, use the following address:

  • Inmate Account Manager
  • Inmate’s Name & Gallery #
  • Cell Housing Number
  • Dickson County Jail
  • 146 County Jail Drive PO Box 177, Charlotte, TN, 37036

Apart from that, it is also possible for senders to put money in theCommissary of an inmate directly by heading to the jail directly at:

  • Dickson County Jail
  • 146 County Jail Drive PO Box 177, Charlotte, TN, 37036

In this regard, the kiosk in the facility lobby will have to be used.The kiosk service is available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.In case you do not live close or would not prefer to physically visit the facility,simply call at 615-789-4109 for more assistance and information.

Making phone calls to an inmate

The Dickson County Jail makes use of Global Tel Link is the primaryservice provider for the phone. Hence, the telephone account of an inmate has to be fundedvia the official website or by calling at 615-789-4109.

Do note that every call is monitored, and cannot exceed more than 30 minutes.In case a rule is violated, the monitoring staff can cancel the call at any instance.

Sending an Email to an inmate

No access to the internet is provided to inmates at the Dickson County Jail.However, the inmates do get an access to a Global Tel Link account.Apart from being a phone account, the Global Tel Link account simply allows the inmatesto receive and send electronic messages that are similar to emails.These messages can be sent/received to and from friends/family.

However, this service is not free and comes with its costs.

All about commissary

The inmates at the Dickson County Jail have the option of a commissarythrough which items such as entertainment products, clothing products, hygiene products, food,junk food, and a lot more can be purchased.

The Commissary must be funded by the friends or family of the individual, as funds are required in theCommissary account before an order is placed. Without having funds in the commissary, it is not possible toplace an order.

Moreover, the delivery of a commissary occurs only once a week and not more than that.

Dickson County Jail Inmate Search | Roster | Lookup (2024)
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