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To access clinical systems (Cerner Powerchart, Pacsweb, CPOE, etc.)or other secure sites like Onsite WebScheduler, you will have to go through the Citrix gateway.

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To access email remotely, use this link to Office 365 web access:

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To log in to Work Force Central (also known as Kronos),click hereand use your network username and password.

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To access applications remotely (Cerner Powerchart, Pacsweb, CPOE, etc.),click on this linkand log in using your network username and password.

If this is the first time you have used this link, you will be prompted to download a Citrix plug-in from the Citrix Access Gateway.

Emergency Blog

The Emergency Blog was designed to allow the various command posts to communicate in real time during emergencies or disasters.

Only members who are part of the Emergency Blog response team have access to this section.

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Lawson Pay Advice

Lexicomp Online is a collection of clinical databases and clinical decision support tools that provides users with a comprehensive medical library.Log in toLexicomp

Medical Staff Office

The Medical Staff Office is a liaison between medical staff clinicians and hospital administration.

This team member resource is managed by University Physicians’ Association, Inc. It supports the medical staff by coordinating the clinical privileges and credentialing process. It also sustains the medical staff officers, medical staff committees and committee chairs in the fulfillment of their responsibilities.

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Career Development & Professional Opportunities

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Career Development & Professional Opportunities

The University of Tennessee Medical Center, as the region’s only academic medical center, recognizes the importance of continuing education. As one of our most important team member resources, we recognize its integral role in the ability for our health professionals to provide outstanding health care and compassionate patient care.

In support of furthering our health professionals’ careers, the medical center offers the chance to learn more about the hospital, continuing education opportunities, resources and policies and procedures of the organization.

Learn More

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Career Opportunities for Physicians

Are you looking for career opportunities for physicians? Welcome to UT Medical Center — where your career can change your life. At the medical center, you’ll work with some of the most talented and experienced physicians, worldwide. As a member of an academic medical center, you’ll see patients, cases and conditions that you might never encounter anywhere else. And, here, you’ll discover an award-winning working environment, that fosters a culture of professionalism, teamwork and mutual respect. Most of all, you’ll help us advance our mission: To serve through healing, education and discovery.

Learn More

CPOE Educational Resources

Providers and nurses can review one to three minute videos on the key aspects of doing CPOE via this link:

CPOE Educational Resources

These videos are designed to work with PC and Apple video formats. If you have problems viewing them or would like to suggest other topics please email us

Performance and eLearning

Team members can accessPerformanceandeLearning tasksby using this systemHalogen(TMS)/Talent Management System Link.

If you need assistance, please contactTMSAdministrator@utmck.eduor call HR at865-305-9520during normal business hours.

Physician’s Medical Education and Research Foundation

In the mid-1960s, Knoxville area physicians joined as a group to support medical education and research in the community.

This group of physicians chartered the Physicians’ Medical Education and Research Foundation PMERF. They believed that the future of health care in this region depended on the local education of aspiring healthcare providers, local research (basic science, translational and clinical) and the local control of funds raised to meet these aims.


Physicians’ Medical Education and Research Foundation
1924 Alcoa Highway
Knoxville, TN 37920

Team Member Resources

Team Member Resources | UT Medical Center (3)
Medical Library Services

As part of our team member resources, the University of Tennessee Medical Center and the UT Graduate School of Medicine offer the following on-campus libraries:

Health Information Center

Preston Medical Library

University Physicians’ Association, Inc.

Solutions to Enhance Your Physician Practice

University Physicians’ Association, Inc. (UPA)offers the East Tennessee medical communities seamless, knowledge-based solutions by providing accountable services customized to meet each client’s specific needs and challenges. Partnering with UPA provides relief to the physicians and their staff from the administrative pressures that can interfere with patient care through a variety of services such as Practice Management, Co-Employee Services, Revenue Cycle Management, and Compliance Solutions.

UPA’s alliance with The University of Tennessee Medical Center, University Health System, Inc., and The Graduate School of Medicine remains a strong and versatile relationship positioned to move in any direction that health care leads.

UPA is physician established, physician owned and physician trusted since 1995.

Visit UPA’s website for career opportunities, membership directory and locations

UT Center for Advanced Medical Simulation

The UT Center for Advanced Medical Simulation, established in early 2007, is a state of the art 6500 square foot simulation center. As one of our most dynamic team member resources, it offers medical teams at the UT Graduate School of Medicine (UTGSM), UT Medical Center (UTMC), and health care professionals across the region opportunities to master medical skills using life-size human patient simulators, laparoscopic and endoscopic simulators, and other skills-building models.

Visit theUT Center for Advanced Medical Simulation

UT Hospitalists

UT Hospitalistsis a group of board-certified internal medicine physicians who specialize in providing services to inpatients at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. As hospitalists, they direct your overall care in the hospital and support a safe transfer of care back to your primary care physician, who is their partner in the outpatient setting.

UT Hospitalists provides year-round 24 hours a day, 7 days a week coverage at the University of Tennessee Medical Center, serving the East Tennessee area. The hospitalists’ special skills include an evaluation of all body systems as well as an understanding of how much support is available to you at home, which services home health can provide and other transitional services from the hospital to home. UT Hospitalists will consult specialist physicians to assist in your care when necessary.

UT Hospitalists strives to assign the same physician to each patient during their hospital stay. When this is not possible, you should have confidence that each physician in the group will provide the same quality care and ensure a complete update on your progress is given to their partners.

Contact UT Hospitalists

1924 Alcoa Highway, Box 56
Knoxville, TN 37920


Fax 865-305-8769

Team Member Resources | UT Medical Center (2024)
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