The Department of Medicine Internal Medicine Residency Programs (2024)

The Department of Medicine Internal Medicine Residency Programs (1)

Internal Medicine Residency Program

The University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine (UTGSM) Internal Medicine Residency program is comprised of an outstanding team of resident physicians, faculty, and staff with the charge to deliver world class patient care, advance medical knowledge through research and inquiry, and improve the quality of healthcare. The program size of 36 residents and low resident to faculty ratio provides an environment where residents can form longitudinal learning relationships with dedicated general medicine and subspecialty faculty. This program has been described as "small but intense" by residents and students alike, reflecting well the department's emphasis on rigorous training combined with personal attention from the faculty.

The University of Tennessee Medical Center, the nationally ranked tertiary care medical center where most training occurs, maintains a deep commitment to medical education. Since 1956 this facility has trained thousands of medical students and resident physicians in the ever-growing residency and fellowship programs. Patients have access to a broad array of specialty and technology driven care, built upon a base of an outstanding primary care network. The Department of Medicine has fellowship programs in cardiovascular disease, interventional cardiology, pulmonary disease/critical care medicine and hematology/oncology with a residency class size of 12 Categorical Medicine residents per year in addition to a Transitional Program Residency. The direct patient care provided by our department and the physicians who trained here and practice in the region are critical to the life of the East Tennessee community. The majority of UTGSM graduates choose to make the Knoxville area and East Tennessee their home.

For more information regarding applying to the Internal Medicine Residency Program, please visit Residency Applicant Criteria.

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9th Annual Department of Medicine Research Awards

On June 13th, 2023, the Department of Medicine held the 9th Annual Residents' and Fellows' Research Contest. A faculty committee reviewed the research papers submitted by Department of Medicine residents and fellows and selected the top three to present at the Research Awards. The audience voted to select the placement of the winners. Dr. Sam Treat won first place with "Feasibility, Safety, and Efficacy of Nebulized Long-acting Bronchodilators versus Short-acting Bronchodilators in Hospitalized Patients with Exacerbations of COPD," Dr. Ben Fogelson won second place with "Increase in aortic valve mean gradient day after transcatheter aortic valve implantation: Role of Mitral Regurgitation," and Dr. Martin Valdes won third place with "Correlation of Subjective Perceived Activity and Weakness Score (PAWS) with Maximum Inspiratory Pressure (MIP), Maximum Expiratory Pressure (MEP) and Peak Inspiratory Flow Rate (PIFR)."

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Internal Medicine Residency Program

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Contact Information

Guillermo A. Quiceno, MD

Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency


UT Internal Medicine Patient Care Center

Our office is staffed with 8 Board-Certified Internists and 30 resident physicians dedicated to serving the primary care needs of the East TN community. Each patient will be seen by a resident physician under the supervision and guidance of an attending physician. Our staff proudly endorses being a part of a large teaching academic center and our mission of healing, education, and discovery can be seen with each office visit. As part of that mission, patients are encouraged to actively participate in their health care decisions. For more information, please read the brochure.

Message from the Clinical Director

The Department of Medicine Internal Medicine Residency Programs (2)Our goal in the center is to provide comprehensive medical care through a team approach. Your resident physician will manage your care under the guidance and supervision of an experienced attending physician. We consider our patients an important part of the healthcare team and invite them to participate in their healthcare decision making. - Juli Williams MD

Please call 865-305-9410 for patient referrals.



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The Department of Medicine Internal Medicine Residency Programs (3)

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The Department of Medicine Internal Medicine Residency Programs (2024)
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