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The Nanny Call Me Fran

On the advice of her therapist (Spalding Gray), Fran (Fran Drescher) forces Maxwell (Charles Shaughnessy) to overcome his fear of intimacy.

The Nanny Not Without My Nanny

Fran and Grace (Fran Drescher, Madeline Zima) visit the Middle East and wind up being held captive by a swooning sultan (Charles Shaughnessy in a dual role).

The Nanny The Dinner Party

Fran (Fran Drescher) learns that some of Maxwell's (Charles Shaughnessy) high-society chums are making fun of her behind her back. Guest stars: Dick Martin and Mort Drescher.

The Nanny Homie-Work

Fran transforms a nerdy singer into a cool rapper so that he can audition for a part in Maxwell's new show.

3rd Rock From the Sun Big Giant Head Returns

The Big Giant Head comes back to Earth to claim Vicki's baby as his own, igniting a lovers' war with the smitten Harry.

3rd Rock From the Sun Rutherford Beauty

Dick's relationship with Mary is threatened when he reveals fantasies about Nina.

3rd Rock From the Sun This Little Dick Goes to Market

Dick decides to play the stock market and introduces greed into the fold; Harry falls for a female cop.

3rd Rock From the Sun Youth Is Wasted on the Dick

Dick drinks a bit too much while on spring break, ruining Mary's plans for a relaxing vacation.

3rd Rock From the Sun Dick Strikes Out

Dick (John Lithgow) faces off against the university's new administrator (Lane Davies) and causes the faculty to strike.

3rd Rock From the Sun Shall We Dick?

Dick and Mary team for a dance contest; Alissa catches Officer Don naked.

Lose Your Crepey Skin! 65 Looks 45!

Smooth, firm and lift the look of dry, wrinkly crepe paper-looking skin.

Heartland Brave New World

A bear lurks near Heartland; Amy and Georgie rescue an injured horse.

Emergency! The Parade

Gage and DeSoto unexpectedly encounter a real blaze while en route to a firefighters' parade with their restored antique fire engine.

Emergency! The Bash

De Soto and Gage save a movie star (Adam West) from a vicious trained bear and in return are invited to a party at the actor's house.

Little House on the Prairie He Was Only Twelve

James' impending death prompts a religious revelation for Charles.

Little House on the Prairie Times Are Changing

Charles bids a tearful farewell to Laura after selling his small home and farm to John and Sarah Carter.

Little House on the Prairie Times Are Changing

Jenny blames herself for Royal's death; Jeb Carter overcomes fear to save Jenny from drowning.

Bones The Santa in the Slush

Three days before Christmas the body of a bearded man in a tailor-made Santa outfit turns up in a sewer; Brennan visits her father in prison and plots a nontraditional holiday reunion.

Bones The Man in the Mud

When the remains of a professional motorcycle racer are found in a hot spring, the team suspects his rival to be the murderer; Dr. Lance Sweets forces Booth and Brennan to accompany him on a double date.

Bones Player Under Pressure

Brennan and Booth investigate the college-basketball world to determine who is responsible for the murder of a player on a nationally ranked team.

Monk Mr. Monk and the Wrong Man

DNA evidence clears a prisoner that Monk helped convict 14 years earlier.

Monk Mr. Monk and the Bad Girlfriend

The detective suspects Captain Stottlemeyer's girlfriend Linda could be a murderer.

Monk Mr. Monk and the Rapper

Monk helps a rapper clear his name after he is accused of murder.

Roseanne Heart & Soul

David and Darlene postpone their honeymoon when an unplanned event occurs at the wedding reception.

Roseanne Fights and Stuff

Dan and Roseanne's marriage is threatened after Dan returns home from the hospital.

Roseanne Call Waiting

Roseanne imagines she and Dan are characters from a sitcom after watching reruns.

Roseanne Millions From Heaven

Roseanne and Dan try to prove that new wealth will not change the Conner family when they win the state lottery.

Frasier Semi-Decent Proposal

Frasier escorts Lana (Jean Smart) to a surprise birthday party while trying to woo her friend (Patricia Clarkson).

Frasier A Passing Fancy

Frasier arrives at a surprise birthday party with Lana (Jean Smart) then tries to woo her friend (Patricia Clarkson).

Frasier A Day in May

Frasier comforts a man (Patrick Breen) whose wife abandoned him and took their four children with her.

Frasier Cranes Go Caribbean

The gang heads to the Caribbean, where Frasier begins to question his new romance with Claire (Patricia Clarkson).

Frasier Don Juan in Hell

After returning from a tropical vacation, Frasier is visited by the former loves of his life and must make an important decision; Roz is hounded by Lana's (Jean Smart) frisky teenage son (Brian Klugman).

Frasier Don Juan in Hell

After returning from a tropical vacation, Frasier is visited by the former loves of his life and must make an important decision; Roz is hounded by Lana's (Jean Smart) frisky teenage son (Brian Klugman).

The Nanny The Reunion Show

With many of her friends divorced and disagreement brewing with Maxwell, Fran worries about her pending nuptials.

The Nanny Immaculate Concepcion

Maxwell's father (Robert Vaughn) leaves his entire fortune to his secret love child, Concepcion (Maria Conchita Alonso). With Fran Drescher and Charles Shaughnessy..

TV Schedule for Cozi TV (KPHO-TV2) Phoenix, AZ (2024)
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