Volume 7 Chapter 3 It's Bad, But... My Sword is SSS Rank (2024)

 "With this Soul Breaker, I can cut through any equipment like it's paper. Any equipment at all. Even the judges aren't enemies anymore. There's no one who can beat me, the one chosen by the strongest weapon"

 Then, the equipment hunter readied his great scythe and charged forward.

 He quickly closed the distance and swung his scythe down.

 His target was the sword in my hand.

 The blade that was sure to kill with one hit aimed at my sword...

 ――But it didn't move an inch.


 A few seconds later, the equipment hunter let out a voice that was a beat too late.

 His body froze in a dazed expression. Well, it couldn't be helped. His own giant scythe, which he had absolute faith in, was easily blocked by my small sword.

 "Ah... didn't you say that scythe was S Rank?"

 It was a bit hard to say, but I'll tell you anyway.

 "Sorry, but... my sword is SSS Rank."

 S Rank is a bit too weak to fight me.

 If I just swing my sword a little...

 That alone was enough to make his giant scythe fly back with a "clank" sound.


 The equipment hunter completely froze, unable to comprehend what was happening.

 I took advantage of that and swung my sword again, aiming for his neck.

 "Direct hit!"

 I tapped his neck with the hilt of my sword, and...

 "Eh... ah...?"

 The equipment hunter's eyes rolled back, and he fell down with a thud.

 Then, silence fell.

 "Is it over?"

 'Small fry...'

 Juju said in a dazed tone, but I had the same feeling.

 "Well, I guess that's what happens with an S Rank Weapon."

 I was a bit on guard since I heard the judges were struggling, but...

 "Rather, is this the level where even the hunter would struggle?"

 'Completely unworthy of his name'

 "Well, I did struggle too."


 "Yeah. It was tough to hold back."

 The holy sword, said to be the strongest in the world, had an attack power of 500, while my highest attack power was easily over 30,000. The difference was huge. If I were to attack 'lightly', the opponent would likely explode, and if I were to attack seriously, the city map would change.

 Using a sword like a normal one requires quite a delicate balance of power.

 "And, that's it."

 I confirmed that there was no one around, then removed my mask.

 "You two, good job."

 As soon as I said those words of encouragement...

 "Game clear!" "...Mission complete!"

 The mask and sword suddenly inflated, transforming into the figures of twin girls.

 Ram, the Slime Sword, and Sui, the Slime Shield.

 With their translucent, water-colored hair, gem-like water-colored eyes, and water-colored one-piece outfits...they looked exactly alike, from their hairstyles to their clothes, like mirror images.

 The only difference was...

 "So, let's do that!" "...What's that?"

 "Combine our powers!" "...Huh?"


 "It's decided!" "...What a shameful life"

 ...This was the personality of these 2. While they looked identical on the outside, their inner selves were beautifully opposite, as if they were covering up their differences in appearance with their contrasting personalities. In a way, you could say they were mirror images of each other.

 "Master, was Ram the MVP today?" "...Haha, Sui was the one who did a great job"

 "Eh, Sui didn't do anything!" "...There's a saying, 'the power behind the scenes'"

 "Well, well, you both did a great job"

 "Hehe..." "...Nn"

 As I stroked their heads, they smiled softly, with a gentle, melting expression.

 'Hey, Noroa the Loli Killer'

 "Who's the Loli Killer?"

 'Are you going to take the cursed equipment without doing anything?'

 "Yeah, that's right"

 To be honest, I didn't come to defeat the equipment hunter. I came to take the cursed equipment.

 I looked at the large scythe lying on the ground.

 It was a scythe that seemed fitting for the Grim Reaper, with skull decorations on the handle and blade, giving off a somewhat evil impression. But that was what I liked about it. Equipment like this would have a great gap when it's dere, and it would make for a happy family even after marriage.

 Even as an S-Rank, its moe level was high. The SSS-Rank was too cute, and this scythe was so lovely that I wanted to take it out on a date to a restaurant with a night view.

 '...What's with you, always sniffing around for other equipment?'


 Juju pokes me in the ribs. I try to play it cool and let out a cough.

 "Let's get this over with, then."

 What we're about to do can't be seen by others.

 It's an act that defies the laws of the world and blasphemes the gods.

 'Alright, bring it on!'

 Juju floats up lightly, spreading her arms wide like she's waiting for someone to hug her.

 A shining needle appears in the palm of my hand, sparkling like a small flame.

 It's delicate yet rough, divine yet ominous...

 A beautiful, cursed needle that's both demonic and sacred, with a sick, destructive beauty.

 I grasp the needle, feeling drawn to it.

 ――Then, I stab the doll's heart.

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Volume 7 Chapter 3 It's Bad, But... My Sword is SSS Rank (2024)
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